You suck

Het muziekske voor vandaag: You suck van Consolidated ft. the Yeastie Girlz. 

Kus, Evelien

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Now, you suck
Suk it hard
Go down, baby
You suck
Lick it hard
And move your tongue around

If you're worried 'bout babies you can lower your risk
By giving me that special cunnilingus kiss
It's on your face that I'm gonna sit
You can wiggle you can jiggle your tongue on my clit
Don't worry about making me have an orgasm
Just take your time and do it with enthusiasm
I can tell it's making you scared just thinking of it
But you better learn to love it

Gepost door: Fred Selder | 20-01-08

Dé ... ... muziek om je te laten gaan in een danstent... ;o)

Gepost door: Stekelbeesje | 20-01-08

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